ClickBank Builder Software and ClickBank Platform

What is ClickBank Builder?

ClickBank Builder is an automation software that integrates directly with ClickBank platform and selected affiliate products.

With a few clicks you can create the entire sales funnel pages, optin pages, or even entire webinar, with your affiliates links strategically placed so when a customer buys a product.

But that’s not all!

You also get automatic professionally written email messages going out, specifically designed to boost the conversions and sales of a ClickBank product and earn fat commissions.

Every template and element can be customized to your taste.

But you don’t have to use the premade landing page templates and preinstalled automated webinars. You can create your own optin and sales funnels along with own webinars. The choice is entirely yours.

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What is ClickBank?

Nowadays on the Internet you may easily find plenty of different information about such popular platform as the ClickBank. This platform is so popular due to the fact that it is easy to start with and to operate. You will get you revenue quite soon. This program is rather helpful in the desire to generate a lot of traffic as well as good commission sales. You may control it manually as well as operate automatically. Some people also use this platform as a search engine.

To tell the truth, this program offers an automated database update system and you can also get your commissions on sales from visitors. The thing is that this platform works even after the visitor has left your site.

The procedure of getting your commissions is quite simple. Normally, you’ll get the percent from your sales, i.e. from the revenue you get every month. But you should take into consideration the fact that your percent depends upon the partner site.

The other thing for you to know is that this platform will pay you through fast venues, so you wouldn’t wait long. This platform is rather convenient also due to the fact that your visitors may use the credit cards. That means that it is not obligatory for them to have a merchant account.

But the main thing is that you may operate the ClickBank platform in different ways. For instance, you may become an affiliate marketer and sell other’s goods. Of course, you may easily sell and promote your own products. When you sell your products you may do it yourself or hire other affiliates. And finally you may promote the ClickBank itself or just its storefront and get your money for this. No matter which way you choose, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the revenue you’ll get.

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